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Carl Eldh, a great classic of Swedish art

Carl Eldh was one of the most popular Swedish sculptors of the early 20th century. [...]

Art is not over

“The Race is Over” by Assa Kauppi refers to competition – a theme that, like [...]

A tour of the art works around the library

All around the Västerås library are several art works of different styles and periods. Let’s [...]

KG Bejemark’s tribute to famous people

KG Bejemark is best known for his sculptures in public places. He studied at the [...]

A refreshing mix of humour and creativity

Eyes in building windows, a unicorn on an industrial building, a knot on a traffic [...]

Kinetic artwork in danger!

Per-Olof Ultvedt is the artist who created “En Baddare i Badet”, the neon artwork that [...]

A strange guard in front of a building!

A dog’s head, a body like a sausage or an eggplant, human hands … This [...]

Organic forms harmoniously mixing strength and fragility

Eva Hild, Ply, 2014. Aluminum sculpture in Västerås. ”My sculptures are bodies, exposed to pressure [...]

Who are you Sara?

Anne-Karin Furunes, Sara , 2010. Aseatorget, Västerås Far away, photos screened in large format. Close [...]

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