A refreshing mix of humour and creativity

Eyes in building windows, a unicorn on an industrial building, a knot on a traffic sign, paintings on sports fields or in car parks, videos, Tony Lorenzi’s artistic expression takes many forms, subtly mixing creativity and humour.

Born in Västerås, he sees in this city a resistance to the art and culture of many of the people who live there that he considers too “adults”: There’s a lot of places to play sports here for example. We are good at technology and industry. But if you do not want to play football or become an engineer then there must be alternatives.

The commitment to young adults who want something with their own art is strong. He believes it is based on the fact that he himself received much help during his education.

He recently initiated a “TO DO” training module at the Västerås folkhögskola, to help young adults to start their own art projects:“TO DO aims to help you realize your culture-related idea. On the road to realization, you will learn how to run a creative project, big and small, from beginning to end and with the aim of strengthening you as a creator, project manager and entrepreneur. The process varies depending on your idea, ambition and wishes.

We look forward to one of his new creations popping up in the city.

Toni Lorenzi
Västerås Tidning
Västerås folkhögskola

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