Domkyrkan – Västerås Cathedral

Question: What is the tallest building in Västerås?
Answer: Västerås Cathedral.
Oh yes! At 91.8 meters high, this cathedral is the tallest building in the city. Built during the 13th century, it was subsequently extended several times.
But the interest does not stop at the atypical side of the architecture of this church. You have to go inside to discover many beautiful and interesting details.

Stop in front of the stained-glass window “De tre stegen” (the 3 stages). This is the first non-figurative stained-glass window in a church setting in Sweden. It is the work of artist Randi Fisher (1920-1997).

The great organ, manufactured by the company Åkerman & Lund, was completed in 1898. The façade and the grandstand were designed by architect Agi Lindegren. Over the years, the instrument has grown and the organ now has 65 parts with around 4500 pipes!

The tomb of King Erik XIV of Sweden. Gustav Vasa’s eldest son, King Erik XIV, died in 1577, poisoned by his brother Johan III who took the throne. Originally, the simple grave rose just slightly above ground level with an inconspicuous epitaph (the letters ER, Ericus Rex = King Erik) on the wall. Thanks to the care of Gustaf III, King Erik in 1797 received a majestic tomb in a sarcophagus of black Italian marble, on a pedestal of reddish brown Öland limestone. On the sarcophagus were placed the crown and the arrow which were taken from the funeral monument of Johan III in the cathedral of Uppsala.
Also don’t miss the magnificent altarpiece of Mary, Brahe’s tomb and much more.

With around 200,000 visits per year, the cathedral is the most visited place in Västmanland. Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, you can also enjoy the permanent exhibition “The treasures of the cathedral”, a collection of silver objects dating from this medieval period
Adresse : Västra Kyrkogatan 6


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