Carl Eldh, a great classic of Swedish art

Carl Eldh was one of the most popular Swedish sculptors of the early 20th century.

The French influence, particularly that of Auguste Rodin, is evident in the works of art created by Carl Eldh in the years after his return to Sweden.
This influence can be found in his great monument to August Strindberg, The Titan, 1942 (Titanen) in Stockholm.

Among the main public works: Youth, 1911 (Ungdom), one of his most popular works of art. The River Spirit, 1912, a giant head carved in granite, for the weir in Trollhättan. The statue of Gunnar Wennerberg, 1915, composer and politician. The Eldh Fountain, 1921 situated in Stockholm. The portrait bust of Hjalmar Branting, 1927. The Olympic Runners, 1937 (Löparna) placed by Stockholm stadium, were inspired by the Greek antique period.

Carl Eldh’s sculptures can be found in many public places in Sweden. In Västerås there are two works of art by Carl Eldh: Eva, 1953, brons and Ansgar, 1953, Brons.

The studio in which he worked and lived for more than three decades in Stockholm is today preserved as a museum

Carl Eldh Studio
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