A strange guard in front of a building!

A dog’s head, a body like a sausage or an eggplant, human hands …

This curious animal watches over number 2 of Storgatan in Västerås. And do not leave indifferent.

We recognize May Lindholm’s sculptures in the shape of the bodies of his characters. Always firmly encamped on a round and heavy base and which are refined to the head.
The head of a dog (a little dragon?) that shows the fangs. Or a female dog if you consider the inserts on her body, metal and glass “eyes” arranged as nipples could be.

May Lindholm is a Norwegian artist who lives and works in Sweden. Clay, concrete, glass, metal and wood are her favourite materials.
Västerås, Leksand, Edsbyn, Säter… many of his works are located in Swedish cities.

The next exhibition of May Lindholm will be in spring at Fabriken Bästekille in southern Sweden.

May Lindholm

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