The strange creatures half human, half animal.

These half-human half-animal beings, elongated and fine shapes, smooth surfaces, horns with rounded tips, fleshy mouths… Ragnhild Alexandersson’s sculptures have soft and sensual shapes that give a very strong personality to his creations.

She studied geology before entering her artistic career. She also studied at the Stockholm Academy of Arts.
The interest for geology and the origin of species is always present.
From her travels in Mali and Egypt she drew inspiration from African art for her creations.
For her, the figures are both human and animal beings that we can think of standing somewhere on the periphery of paradise.

“The art is the body’s spiritual expression, or the spiritual bodily form”, according to Ragnhild Alexandersson.
His works are visible in Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg and in many cities in Sweden. In Västerås, “Den sökande människan” (1995) is located on the university campus.

Ragnhild Alexandersson
Svenska Dagbladet

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