Who are you Sara?

Anne-Karin Furunes, Sara , 2010. Aseatorget, Västerås

Far away, photos screened in large format. Close up, the weft points are actually holes drilled into the metal. The color of the dots depends on the color of the background in front of which the works are installed.

This is the originality of the work of Anne-Karin Furunes, a Norwegian artist who reproduces archival and personal photos on large formats of metal or canvas, perforated with thousands of holes, where anonymous
portraits appear allowing different intensities to pass from light.The fineness of the perforations generates soft images, the choice of portraits questions. Who are they ?

Some portraits come from the archives of the State Institute for Racial Biology founded in 1922 at the University of Uppsala by Hermann Lundborg. The goal was to study eugenics and human genetics.
The artist reproduced these images in large format to “put the anonymous portraits of this archive back into the present context and bring them back to life”.

The work examines memory, both collective and personal. She creates portraits of women, men and children forgotten or silenced in the history.

Ryan Lee gallery
Andersson / Sandström gallery
Galerie de Bellefeuille
Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts

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