A beautiful UFO in concrete from the 50s!

The water tower of Skallberget (a district of Västerås) was built by the architect Per Bohlin and the company VBB in the early 1950s. A typical “concrete” style of the 50’s, nice example of brutalist architecture.

The tower is not completely circular but has a polygon shape. It has a capacity of 6,300 cubic metres of water.

The water tower has a special history that in the 1960s it was open to the public to visit as a lookout tower, and that there was a restaurant on the roof.

Per Bohlin was the architect of the city of Västerås from 1947 to 1963. He was with Tord Hultman, in the origin of the city center’s “demolition hysteria”. This modernization has given today this “Legoland” look to the city, made of sad and regular building blocks. Without the colors of Lego blocks.

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