Football? Golf? Footgolf!

So. If I ask you what is the sport where the goal is to put a ball in a hole, and which is played in the open air?You will answer me, the golf. Good.

Now if I add that you have to kick the ball with your foot to make it go forward … Now you tell me; either after 28 missed drives, a plowed green and tendinitis in the shoulder he kicked the ball out of revenge, or he lost
his mind after watching all the episodes of Game of Throne starting by the end. Neither. This sport does exist, and it is called Footgolf.

Like a good cocktail, it is a mixture of Golf (9- or 18-holes course, par 2 to 5) with football. You shoot in the ball with your foot. The goal is obviously to succeed in putting the ball in the hole in a minimum of kicks.

The hole is therefore much wider, 53 cm in diameter. This sport was invented in 2009 in Holland and has since experienced international “Ronaldesque” expansion. The 1st World Cup in 2012 brought together 8
countries in Hungary while the 3rd in 2018 in Morocco counted 33 nations!

It’s a friendly sport with a strict dress code. Polo, Bermuda shorts, high socks and berets or caps. You can play with basket shoes or football boots, but cleats are prohibited. The tackles to.

In Sweden the Footgolf federation includes 29 clubs. So why not try to putter with foot?

Photo by Brian Roberts

Svenska Golfförbundet
Footgolf Sweden
Photographers: Málaga Mice, Cuscatleko, Brian Roberts

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