Here we go boys and girls!

Tired of riding a racing, mountain bike or city bike? I suggest you be
fashionable: Ride a high wheel bicycle!

Does that mean nothing to you? Remember the old photos from the late 19th century. Well, the high wheel bicycle is back in our 21st century and more and more fans are doing it all over the world.

The high wheel also known as penny-farthing was the first “machine” to be called bicycle. With 2 wheels, they were popular to travel a large distance for every rotation of the legs and were comfortable, the large wheel easily absorbed shocks.

If you like a challenge and if you want to see life from higher up, this is the machine for you. The bigger the front wheel, the faster you go. The problem is not getting on this bike but keeping control on the descent! To complicate matters, the high wheel has no brakes … It is all in the dexterity.

Here in Sweden, fashion has been revived thanks to Per-Olof Kippel. He opened a shop, Standard high wheels in Tomelilla where he custom designs your High wheel. He also organizes every year between Ystad and Lund 3 days of crazy races between bikers from all over the world.

Are you ready to ride this great machine? If so, I can assure you that everyone will be looking at you in awe!

In the meantime you can still get our Bike to the Future T-shirt in homage to the High wheel bicycle, it’s a great start.

Bike to the Future T-shirt
Standard Highwheels
Sweden 3 days

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