Identified Flying Object – The Golf Disc !!

Houston, Houston… We have a problem!
Are we invaded by little green men? What is this flat flying saucer in the sky? It’s a Frisbee my dear! And I would even say it is a disc golf competition!

Disc golf arrived in Sweden in 1979 from the United States. In the U.S. the 1st course was created in 1975 in Pasadena, California by Ed Headrick who also invented the metal basket where the frisbee must land.
As with classic golf, the goal is to hit the target (here the metal basket) with as few shots as possible. For this the disc player golf has 3 different Frisbees more or less light (from 130 to 180g) for long shots, approaches and putting.

This sport is of course open to everyone, for young and old. It solicits all parts of the body (arms, chest, legs, etc.) and in addition requires concentration and dexterity. It is therefore perfect for outdoor activity without the need for any particular physical fitness.

Moreover, this sport is very inexpensive. You can find professional quality Frisbees for a few euros and the courses are often free. Sweden is the 3rd European country in number of frisbee golf courses. There are 53 courses in total, the majority of which are around Stockholm. The 1st Country is Finland with 272 courses! And the 2nd The Czech Republic with 60 courses available.

Did you know? If you don’t have a fabric or metal basket, any obstacle (trash can, floor lamp, etc.) can serve as a target! Come on, next weekend are we trying?

Photo by Stewart Pond Disc Golf / Flickr

Professional Disc golf Association
Official Swedish Disc golf website

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