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HEADIS – Ping-pong is played with the head.

If you think the table tennis ball is too small for you and you are [...]

Global Living café changes your Life!

Are you stopping in Västerås for a coffee and you don’t know where to go? [...]

The strange creatures half human, half animal.

These half-human half-animal beings, elongated and fine shapes, smooth surfaces, horns with rounded tips, fleshy [...]

Domkyrkan – Västerås Cathedral

Question: What is the tallest building in Västerås?Answer: Västerås Cathedral.Oh yes! At 91.8 meters high, [...]

Carl Eldh, a great classic of Swedish art

Carl Eldh was one of the most popular Swedish sculptors of the early 20th century. [...]

Here we go boys and girls!

Tired of riding a racing, mountain bike or city bike? I suggest you be fashionable: [...]

A fine example of modernist architecture.

The Västerås Public Library was designed by architect Sven Ahlbom and opened in 1956. Composed [...]

KISS KISS…Kiss me!

Super news for all lovers of real Rock and especially for fans of the band [...]

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