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Långholmens Julmarknad

Den 30 november och 1 december kl. 10-16 kan du besöka oss på Långholmens Julmarknad! Förutom att vi kommer sälja våra roliga T-shirts med ett Julpris 😉 så kommer det på Julmarknaden att finnas aktiviteter, godsaker att äta och dricka och andra marknadsstånd. Boka in dag och tid i kalendern så hoppas jag att vi ses!

Fika Where’s else?

At Global Living !
New t-shirts for the Global Living team!
Follow on Instagram: globallivingvasteras

Soft prices for students!

Are you student? Have you a Mecenat card? Lucky you! Enjoy a 15 % discount on our webshop. Go to, the best for students discount, and download your voucher.

A new tshirt for the Bohuslän region!

Adopt a Fly has just created a special design for the Bohuslän region.
This tshirt is available in three colors (black, denim and blue), only in the tourist offices of Stenungsun, Kungälv, Orust and Tjörn.

Västerås will never be so beautiful!

Adopt a Fly is proud to sponsor AH calendar during the UF-mässan Västmanland at Aros congress center Västerås.

AH calendar is a team of 2 young entrepreneurs, Hannes and Arvik who launched a little company to promote Västerås and Västmanland with their wonderful photos printed on calendars. All photos are taken by themselves and it works! They sold a lot of exemplar and the company contests to be the best young company of the fair.
Follow them on Facebook and on Instagram: ahcalendar.uf.

The best way to make a coffee break!

Are you looking for a very nice gift to drink your coffee? Why not one of our Mugs “Fika what else?
You can find these mugs at Global Living Västerås, smedjegatan 13.

Fika means coffee break in Swedish. This is a social institution! A hot drink with biscuits, cake or bread. You can’t escape it and it quickly becomes a habit for all!

Height 9,6cm, diameter: 8cm, available in black or colour, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Who drinks the most?
Only two nations top more than 10kg per person per year – Finland and Sweden, according to statistics from the International Coffee Organization.
The Finnish drink the most coffee every year, at 12.5kg each.
Nordic countries also make up the rest of the top five, perhaps needing a cup to get through the cold days.

“We want to make people smile!”

The success story of Mr Fly is beginning! We have been interviewed by VLT to try to describe our unlimited humor in service of graphism creation. We are proud of that and we would like to thank Maria Björkman (VLT), Rosita (Global Living), Erik (Karlsgatan 2), Karin (Västerås airport) and Cia (Sala laser) without whom all this would not have been possible.

Read the article (in swedish)


Candle holders design created by Adopt a Fly. Paper material 190g, laser cutting with different motifs. 3 color tracing paper yellow-orange-parma including for changing interior atmosphere. It is a production 100% made in Västmanland!
Easy to move, to send as a gift, our photophore weighs only several grams.
Must be used only with LED light !! Sold without a lamp. Diameter: 8 cm Height: 10 cm

The Black One!

The moose is a symbol of Scandinavia. People wish “trevlig helg“ (nice week-end) at the end of the week. By not saying well “helg”, the expression becomes “Trevlig älg” (good moose)!
So, why not eat a moose steak for Sunday lunch? A spicy design made in Västerås, Sweden.

Black Fika design for Woman

Fika means coffee break in Swedish. This is a social institution! A hot drink with biscuits, cake or bread. You can’t escape it and it quickly becomes a habit for all! So Fika what else?
Tasty and special design made in Västerås, Sweden.

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