MÄLARCHOCOLATERIE – The art of Chocolate in Västerås.

Who ever tells me that he has never tasted chocolate from “Mälarchocolaterie” in his life throws me the first stone… praline. Indeed, Mälarchocolaterie Swedish chocolate luxury is THE benchmark for chocolate in Västmanland and its reputation extends beyond the country’s borders.
In 2009 the shop entered the top 5 of the best tea rooms in Sweden according to the gastronomic guide of the best Swedish tables (Sveriges Bästa Bord 2009).
In 2014 Thomas and Elaine Brännström received the gold medal and the bronze medal for their cognac-pear and salted caramel pralines at the “The International Chocolate Awards” in London.

I am passing you all the articles that have appeared in major food magazines around the world.
Their specialty, as you guessed, is the praline. Hopla! They turn and knead the cocoa chosen with excellence, add unexpected flavours and invent extraordinary tastes! There is something for everyone. Praline with cardamom, apricot, blue cheese, strawberry … but also with Whiskey, red wine or beer from the Coppersmith’s brewery in Västerås! Each one is unique and gorgeous.
You can also buy dark chocolate selected from the best in the world. Like for example 78% from Uganda or even 70% from Madagascar. There are also dark chocolates without sugars.
To create their praline “collection”, Thomas and Elaine buy around 4 tons of cocoa couverture per year! Cocoa comes mainly from South and Central America as well as from Africa and can spread over more than 15 different countries.

It all started in 2002. After experimenting with several recipes in their personal cuisine, Thomas and Elaine sell their first chocolates in Västerås. More specifically on December 23, 2002, where they were able to benefit from a stand at Bokia Bokhandel in the Sigma shopping center.
Three months later, they opened their first store in “Kopparlunden” (Metallverkets gamla områd) for 9 months. Then move again to arrive in the Sigursgatan area for 9 months also. Until an opportunity arises to move into the former restaurant “Aveny” in Konserthuset. They will stay there until April 28, 2020.
Now a new phase begins for them. The great and beautiful adventure of online sales. You can now order their creations on their website https://www.mcl.se/ and be delivered directly at home, or to a collection point for the inhabitants of Västerås. You no longer have any excuse not to take advantage of it!
And as Thomas underlines: “Eating 2kg of dark chocolate a day makes you fall in love constantly” Shall we try?

International Chocolate Awards

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