Rock is not dead.

If you want to listen to good Pop/Rock music we recommend the group “Out of Border”. This music band is made up of 4 guys, 2 Swedish and 2 French and is based in Västerås. Each musician has a long musical experience behind him and the mix of each gives a rather particular sound to their music.
Lovers of the golden age of rock’n’roll, their inspirations are called among others Pink Floyd, Bowie, Queen or U2. This is why their creations are oriented towards such melodic rock.

On March 9, their first official song was released on all available music platforms. The name is “Dad is Gone”. Their first song therefore mixes a thrilling guitar riff, a punchy bass line, a perfect drum set, a clear voice and above all a chorus that stays in your head all day.

Their repertoire contains over 15 other original songs written and composed by members of the group. Out of Border is Bengt on guitar, Frédéric on vocals and keyboard, Ola on drums and choir and Régis on bass and choir.

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