A bright house at the top

The first fluorescent houses were created by Mikael Richter for an exhibition at the Västerås Art Museum in 1995.

Since this exhibition, the light house has been walking around. It started its trip to Stockholm on a thin layer of ice between Djurgården and Skeppsholmen in 1996. On the roof of a car during the recording of the Nike TV show in the fall of 1997.

In 1998, the light house toured the suburbs of Stockholm, then on a platform in the lake at Vennelystparken Århus, Denmark in 1999. And many other places in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It ended its journey on the roof of Culturen in Västerås.

Mikael Richter is also the creator of the two huge blue and red neon ovals installed on the facades of Konserthus in Västerås. Many other works are to be discovered on his website.
“I see my art as a playful tribute to absolutely vital acts without practical function. I want my art to surprise, perplex, comment, make visible and ask questions. The fight goes on for a more fun planet.”

Mikael Richter’s website
Gallery Andersson Sandström

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