Organic forms harmoniously mixing strength and fragility

Eva Hild, Ply, 2014. Aluminum sculpture in Västerås.

”My sculptures are bodies, exposed to pressure and movements.
Influence, pressure, strain. These words have been the foundation for my current projects that comprise communicating the theme in large, thin-built sculptures. Delicate continuously flowing entities. They reflect varying degrees of external and internal pressures, and how, as a consequence, perception of inner and outer space is changed or challenged.

My fascination is about the relationship between internal and external realities; the dualism between inside and outside, content and form, feeling and shape, impression and expression.
It is a reflection of my inner landscapes of form. Bodies where presence and absence meet.”

Eva Hild’s work has met a deep fascination with the way she expresses body and space, strength and fragility, presence and absence.

Eva Hild started by making smooth ceramic vessels. In recent years she has started producing her cast aluminum work in much larger formats. His works can be seen in Malmö, Kungälv, Västerås, Stockholm, Fristad, Älmhult…

Eva Hild website
Andersson / Sandström gallery
Nancy Margolis gallery

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