HEADIS – Ping-pong is played with the head.

If you think the table tennis ball is too small for you and you are more comfortable with the head than the hands, then I believe you are ready for the “Headis”.

Headis? But what is it ?

Well it is the perfect mix between table tennis and soccer. This sport uses the ping-pong table and a 100g, 50cm diameter ball that can only be hit with the head and only with the head. As in Ping-pong you are only allowed one bounce before returning the ball to the other side but with the difference that you can climb on the table to “go up to the net” and make a volley of the head.

This sport was invented in 2006 by René Wegner a sports student in Kaiserslautern in Germany. The story goes that since the football field was already occupied, he decided with a friend to take the ping-pong table and return the ball with his head. Since then, this sport has taken off because it is very spectacular and has 100,000 licensees around the world. European and World Championships are played every year!

This new sport is still in its infancy here in Sweden. If you want to know more you can contact Headis Sweden

I also invite you to take a look at the Youtube videos, they are awesome.

Official website

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