Art is not over

“The Race is Over” by Assa Kauppi refers to competition – a theme that, like the child, is recurrent in his work. The patinated bronze work consists of seven sculptures of which the city of Västerås has bought three.

Since 2011, she has become a major artist in the art world in Sweden. “The Race is Over”, 2011 and “In Search of A Winner”, 2013, question our competitive spirit and the performance requirements of our time.

The sculptures of Assa Kauppi, begin to be present in several cities. She also exhibits in Sweden (Borås, Halmstad, Kristinehamn, Eskilstuna, Luleå, Uppsala) and in museums in Istanbul, Krakow, Copenhagen, Miami and Prague.

In Västerås, the three statues of “The Game is Over” are installed in the entrance hall of the municipal swimming pool.
Assa Kauppi lives and works in Stockholm. She studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm.

Galleri Andersson/Sandström
Norrtälje kultur

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