Apotekarbron – “The Bridge of Love” by Västerås

The English translation would rather be the bridge of the pharmacy. But the international fashion of hanging a padlock to illustrate endless love has now touched Västerås.

Built during the Middle Ages, hundreds of padlocks have been hung on this bridge for several years now, which extends from “Kungsgatan”, King’s Street and spans “Svartån”, the Black River.

In Paris, the Pont des Arts paid the high price for this success by losing its fence in the Seine. After several years of fastening padlocks (we’re talking about 54 tonnes of metal in total !!), the bridge couldn’t take it anymore and its guardrails fell into the water. It happened on June 8, 2014.

From now on, transparent walls are installed. So it’s impossible to hang your love on this bridge. Something else will have to be found.
Hopefully it will not be the same for our Apotekarbro !!

Le Parisien

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